On December 18, 1966, the Braswell family invited several families in the Bellevue area to their home to discuss starting a congregation in the Bellevue community.  The group decided that the Bellevue area needed a congregation, and that there was enough interest to carry the project.

On January 8, 1967, a meeting was held to form the new church.  Its name was the Bellevue church of Christ.  Trustees were elected and a steering committee was formed.  The first public worship of the Bellevue church of Christ was February 26, 1967, at an elementary school on Hicks Road.  There were 117 present for this first public assembly.  Larimore Austin preached the first sermon, which was titled “Encouragement from the Lord Jesus Christ”; and that day, those worshiping were indeed encouraged by God’s family.

In July of 1967, Dr. Marlin Connelly was hired as a minister for the congregation.  In January of 1969 the congregation moved into their new facility on Hwy 70. The first eldership was appointed on February 9, 1969.